Why Us?
Document Bank Botswana is your best choice for secure, affordable document and data storage in Botswana. Our slogan, ScanIT, StoreIT, FindIT really encapsulates what we offer. We simplify your individual storage requirements by doing the thinking and planning for you. We listen attentively in order to establish EXACTLY what you need.

Here are some of the advantages of using Document Bank Botswana:

  1. We effectively store all your information, no matter what format it’s in:
    - Documentation e.g. contracts, spreadsheets, customer information, architectural drawings and designs to name but a few
    - Data i.e. information stored in various formats including CDs, DVDs, flash drives etc.
  2. We securely store your documentation off-site, in fire-proof, climate-proof, waterproof, access-controlled warehouses with 24-hour security.
  3. Data is stored using our state-of-the-art Document Bank Cloud - a virtual and completely secure storage ‘vault’ that is accessible online, by clients as and when they need their data
  4. We establish exactly what your information storage needs and legal requirements are, and design a tailor-made system just for you.
  5. Our sole Tidy Files agency in Botswana means you have access to one of the most popular stationery solutions in Africa. The Tidy Files system ensures simple, speedy access to files.
  6. Our document scanning and storage process works like clockwork for optimal efficiency, saving you time.
  7. We offer training to your staff where needed, helping them to work their way around the document management system that we put in place for your company.
  8. Save money on recruiting staff to attend to your data storage and archiving. See Document Bank as an extension of your business!
  9. Our destructions are confidential, and in line with any legislation specific to your line of business.
  10. We have ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 accreditation.
  11. Our pricing is competitive, and our solutions are comprehensive.
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