Document Storage

Effective document storage is of tantamount importance to the success of any business, whether it be a legal concern, a construction operation, a bank or an insurance company. Your information is a reliable source of evidence of all your business activities and transaction. 

Document Bank specialises in the secure storage of all types of documents, whether they consist of paper files or architectural plans or electronic media.

A Personalised Storage Solution

Not only are we versatile in the types or formats of documents we store; the first thing we do for our clients is to sit down and listen to them. We find out exactly what their company’s specific needs are, and determine whether there are legal prerequisites in terms of document storage specifications. Then we formulate a tailor-made storage solution for that client.  In this way your unique situation is taken into account, and your storage solution becomes as unique as you are. Your documentation, whether paper-based, stored on CD, or hard drive, or on the internet, is in safe hands. All Document Bank Storage Boxes are indexed, and contain details regarding the documentation type, a comprehensive description, and storage date requirements. Indexes are captured via our cutting-edge computer system, and clients are supplied with all index information, as well as convenient on-line access to these indexes.

Secure Off-site Storage

Our off-site storage premises are sophisticated: the physical premises situated in Gaborone West are secure, protected against fire, vermin-proof and, flood-proof. Our virtual storage space is technologically advanced. You can rest assured - your documents are safe with Document Bank!

How you benefit

  • Substantial saving on your own office space
  • Document integrity is preserved at all costs
  • Your documentation is safeguarded from theft, fire, flood and other threats
  • Save on training administrative staff to effectively capture, save, safeguard and retrieve your valuable business information
  • A full audit trail of activity exists for you to see exactly what’s happening with your documents
  • You have the options of introducing barcoding and data capturing of your records on our interactive site, thereby enabling further cost savings
  • You are able to request physical files online via our WEB ACCESS module on our website!
  • You can control it all from the WEB ACCESS module: you can report on, modify, request, and destroy any files that may be in storage if you have the access rights to do so.
  • Look professional: find WHAT you need, WHEN you need it, thanks to Document Bank Botswana’s Document Storage solution!
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