Document Imaging

Imaging of documents (also known as scanning) offers huge benefits to clients in terms of productivity and control. When documents are scanned (and saved to CD or DVD), information access can be shared by numerous people simultaneously. All files are saved as read-only, thereby preventing any tampering of the original information. An effective retrieval system means that precious work time is not wasted trying to locate a paper document.

Once your files are scanned and stored for safekeeping, you don’t have to wait for files to be retrieved from your records storage centre, or for the printer to queue and print that document. You don’t even have to wait for colleagues to finish with a file before you can have access to that file. EVERYONE who may access that file, can view it concurrently.

How you benefit

  • All records will have multiple access by users across any network.
  • Original information cannot be changed, so the information is preserved in its original form.
  • No lost or misplaced documents.
  • Backup routine will ensure integrity of images.
  • The electronic copy will be used as working copy, while original gets stored off site.
  • Speedy  retrieval time.
  • Powerful search capabilities.
  • Various files can be electronically linked for ease of reference.
  • Reduction of office storage space thanks to off-site storage of original documents.
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