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Document Bank Botswana uses a state-of-the-art Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) known as PaperTrail.  As authorised agents for this ingenious system in Botswana, we are confident that this is one of the top EDM systems available globally.  PaperTrail addresses the four primary areas of EDMS, namely:
  • Electronic Document Warehousing (the central storage component)
  • Knowledge Management (the collaboration/workflow component)
  • Electronic Form Control (an intelligent, dynamic way of managing forms)
  • Content Management (how the original file is managed and/or revised)

We now take a detailed look at all aspects of PaperTrail.  We believe this helps our potential clients to make a healthy, informed decision when opting for a document management solution via Document Bank Botswana.

Electronic Archiving and Document Management

  • With PaperTrail, you have secure access to all your documents, which are conveniently stored in a central repository.
  • Documents are easily located thanks to clever indexing.
  • All search results can be viewed, annotated, printed, e-mailed or faxed without a single file being moved physically.
  • A comprehensive audit trail (history) of all document activity is kept up to date.
  • Optimal security is ensured thanks to a flexible and powerful permissions structure.
  • Documents may have any number of attachments, and can conveniently be linked to any other documents should cross-referencing be required.
  • Automatic importing is available via fax, e-mail and watched folders.

Document Routing, Group-flow and Workflow

  • PaperTrail ensures a seamless flow of information to individual users or groups of users.
  • Sequential routes and rules-based workflows are simple to set up, and all actions and annotations are recorded.
  • Automatic updates mean that workers are informed of newly-arrived documents.
  • Documents that are forwarded between previously-determined user groups require no bandwidth or network movement.

Automated PDF Creation

  • PaperTrail can be configured to preserve the source file as well as a PDF version of that file.
  • Upon creation of the PDF, that file is then accessible by all users who have viewing access (as opposed to ‘author rights’) to the file.
  • Scanned images in PDF format can also be available as ‘text searchable’ PDF documents.
  • The PDF image’s integrity remains intact, and facilitates text searches within the document, thanks to PaperTrail’s built-in ‘text search’ functionality.

E-mail Archiving and Records Management

  • PaperTrail integrates seamlessly with MS Exchange Server (and other mail servers) to automatically archive e-mails and attachments for efficient search and retrieval.
  • Another option is to convert all e-mails to PDF/A for compliance with secure storage.
  • The Records Management functionality allows any document to be declared a record within an organisation’s file plan.
  • When a document is assigned a record profile, this profile determines its retention period, the file plan destination and the disposal authority of that specific ‘declared record’.

Optimal Security and Digital Signatures

  • Document Bank Botswana, via PaperTrail, offers one of the highest levels of secure electronic document storage available in Southern Africa.  Authentication of digital signatures is guaranteed by one of the foremost technology providers in South Africa, being SAPO.  This remains the South African governments preferred PKI source platform, and will ensure good governance.
  • PaperTrail makes use of the PDF/A standard, the ISO-approved electronic file format for long-term electronic document archiving. In addition, Paper Trail is acknowledged by the NARS (National Archives and Records Services) and approved by SITA as part of its Master Tender 398 for government agencies.

Thin-Client Based: No Impact on Network Bandwidth

  • All that is required for PaperTrail to work, is Adobe Acrobat Reader and a local web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. 
  • Again, there is no physical file movement across the client network.
  • Bandwidth constraints are only applicable when documents are viewed.
  • Furthermore all PDFs can be saved at a reduced file size, and prepared for page-at-a-time downloading.  This is also known as byte serving, or ‘Fast Web View’ in Adobe Acrobat.

All Electronic Assets Content Management

  • All electronic information can be stored. This includes your organisation’s call centre voice-logged calls, multimedia files, website content, CAD files and other engineering files, to name but a few. The sky’s the limit with PaperTrail!

Intelligent PDF Forms with Authentication

  • Intelligent, dynamic forms are distributed, authenticated and managed using the built-in Forms Module. Communication is streamlined and the cost associated with pre-printed forms is a thing of the distant past.
  • Forms can be dynamically pre-populated from external databases and information typed into form fields is immediately available for retrieval.

Document Bank Cloud

  • The Document Bank Cloud environment offers all the rich features and functionality of the PaperTrail Platform with the added advantage of an expertly-hosted service.
  • The Cloud environment is fast becoming the most popular, strategically-sound alternative to the classic hardware infrastructure of bygone years.
  • Facilitated by PaperTrail, Document Bank Botswana offers clients a comprehensive range of options, and encourages existing and potential clients to consider a shift in focus, to incorporate Cloud functionality in their Document Management strategy.
  • Paper Trail can now be even more rapidly deployed, with the stringent secure access to data managed from within the Document Bank Cloud.
  • Essentially, the Cloud replaces traditional IT services such as file serving, messaging, CRM, storage, workflow, BPM and much more.
  • The Cloud makes perfect sense in an environment that is extremely conscious of saving energy, and minimising infrastructure costs.

How you benefit

  • Document Management with PaperTrail eliminates costs associated with excessive printing of forms and data
  • Our system saves you time... no waiting around for documents to be accessed. They are instantly delivered to your computer screen
  • Digital signatures and other security measures are state-of-the-art, thereby ensuring the safety of your company’s data
  • Every single digital activity within your company can be saved and stored
  • The Cloud does away with the need for file serving, messaging, CRM and a whole lot of traditional IT services
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