Document Retrieval

One of the most important aspects of document storage is the ability for you to access your documents efficiently and retrieve them when you need them. We understand that you operate in a time-sensitive business environment, and have designed our systems in order to facilitate fast and easy document retrieval for you.

Requests for retrieval can be made via telephone, fax, online request (RS WEBB) or physical inspection - all of which are password controlled or verified by authorised personnel. For your protection we require that your unique ‘key number’ for the documentation and a delivery address be supplied before dispatching documents.

Document and drawing retrievals from Document Bank will be delivered within 4 hours in Gaborone or overnight elsewhere in Botswana and in South Africa.

Online Document Retrieval 

To make document retrieval even faster and more efficient for you, we also offer an online document retrieval service. This online capability involves the digital storage of your vital documentation in a digital repository referred to globally as a Cloud.

Document Bank has invested in RS-SQL, a comprehensive Records Storage & Management Software System that is powered by O’Neill, and used by most reputable records centres across the world.  This system allows the client to control their cost by determining the level of interaction and input their company requires.  In enables all company information to be incorporated and accessed online.

Ongoing training is supplied to Document Bank clients in order to ensure that you get maximum benefit from this cutting-edge, convenient document retrieval system.

Being able to access certain documents on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is the foundation of many types of industries.  Examples include Accounts Payable imaging, paper documents going into a patient’s electronic health record, signed delivery receipts, insurance claim forms, human resources forms, and so on.

You can instantly access your document records via your browser, using a secure connection. All access is password controlled, and we record all activity on your account and provide you with monthly reports.

This is a cost-effective and time-saving way of managing the documents you store with us. You can make use of a number of different document management services in this manner:

  • Access your account online - log in and view your document storage account details via a secure web portal known as RS-WEBB.  This portal is customised in line with each client’s specific requirements.
  • Change file names and descriptions - easily manage the administrative aspects of the files you store.
  • Request for documents to be destroyed - mark documents that you would like to be destroyed and send through official requests to do so. This remote method will save you time and ensure that destructions are executed on schedule.
  • Request document access - quickly and easily request access to documents, in either digital or physical form.

This entire Cloud system is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Document Bank Botswana’s service offering.

How you benefit

  • Efficient physical document retrieval upon request
  • Superior online document retrieval via your own secure RS-WEBB portal, tailor-designed to suit your company’s personal requirement
  • The height of time-saving, cost-saving efficiency
  • The Cloud does away with the need for file serving, messaging, CRM and a whole lot of traditional IT services
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