Confidential Destructions

As important as it is to effectively save and store your company’s documents, so too it is, to dispose effectively of information that is no longer needed. Inasmuch as your customers and suppliers trust you to keep their information safe and confidential, so they would rely on you to destroy it in a professional manner, if required.

The team at Document Bank is all too aware of privacy laws and their implications in professional disposal of information and documents. We realise that there are instances in which the exact date and method of destruction are legal requirements.

Tracked Shredding for Peace of Mind

We are very specific about our shredding process. We employ a tracking system that ensures the collection and shredding of documents. Certificates are provided upon completion of the shredding procedure.

Your Choice: Automatic Shredding or Purge Shredding

If your company consistently generates confidential information, you should consider our Automatic Shredding Service. This option supplies you with locked security bins that are placed at strategic points on your premises, free of charge, enabling your staff to deposit sensitive documents into the bins as and when required. We schedule bin collection in line with your needs, and replace them accordingly.

Purge Shredding is ideal for one-off document destruction; e.g. if you have old tax records that need to be destroyed, or in the event that you’re spring-cleaning or relocating. Call Document Bank for cost-effective, tailor-made shredding solutions!

That’s not where it ends: our unique shredders can effectively destroy paper, plastics and numerous items including CDs, DVDs, X-rays and bank cards.

Professional Recycling

All paper marked for recycling is sent off-site for soiling, bailing and recycling by Nampak Klip River, who handles security paper recycling for top organisations including banks and revenue services. Our excellent relationship with our recycler ensures that all waste is treated as confidential, and is accompanied by a representative from Document Bank.

How you benefit

  • Protect yourself and your clients from identity theft
  • Save yourself time: outsource your document destruction to the professionals
  • Our services are competitively priced
  • You name it, we can destroy it!
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