Remote Back-up Facilities

The cost of effective contingency planning can add up significantly if it’s undertaken on-site. There are hardware costs, software costs, the hiring of specially-trained staff (or the training of existing staff members) as well as the actual time that it takes to perform regular data back-ups.

Document Bank’s remote back-up solutions are designed specifically with data back-up and retrieval in mind. This highly effective solution offers a viable alternative to optical or tape back-up, and ensures complete peace of mind along with demanding little or no effort from the client himself.

Depending on the amount of data required to be backed up, and the amount of data generated by a client on a daily basis, backing up can take a considerable amount of time. Online remote back-up saves time and money.

Document Bank offers a full an incremental back-up service. While the full back-up is set to run on a weekly basis, backing up the entire data set, incremental back-ups can run daily. This type of back-up only backs up the data that has been modified on any given day.

The entire process is automated, and file access is simple.

How you benefit

  • Save time training staff to back up your data
  • Save money with fully-automated remote back-up
  • The system is simple to use
  • Peace of mind, knowing your precious data is saved regularly and instantly accessible
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